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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Still exhausting

Still punning. The "' Stan's kit is now permanently in place. Somewhere along the line I swapped the turbo exhaust housing to a 16 cm housing. This should help spooling compared to the notoriously laggy factory housing.
On these trucks, with the right hand drop on the transfer case there is not a lot of room for a fat exhaust pipe. Here are some clearance issues. The transfer case.
The cross-member.
The front drive shaft.
For the frontmost hanger, I made a stepped bolt and used a shock absorber bushing in a factory bracket at the bell housing.
This is a hanger at a little cross member at the back of the cab.
This is at the cross member that goes over the fuel tank between the front hangers of the rear springs.
Another pic.
I wanted to make sure a spare would fit, so I stuck one in the frame.
All fits well. Since the kit was made for an extended cab long bed in which the frame is 6 inches longer behind the rear hangers, I will need to cut 6 inches out of the tail pipe. I will wait until I get the bed on for this, though.

For now it just looks a little goofy.

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